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  1. Mr. Turner,

    I just purchased a used cd published by PolyGram records with your picture with Mr. Reed, Mr. Robi, Ms Taylor and Mr. Lynch on the front. It is titled “The Platters A Christmas Album”also on the front. Is this a legitimate cd or a bootleg?

    Ernie Rickert

    P.S.-I believe my son David Rickert worked on the “Truth in Music” law, with your input, in Nevada when he was an A.D.A. with the state of Nevada.

    P.P.S.- any gigs coming up in Long Island, New York? I loved your performance and enjoyed our conversation in Hauppauge immensely.

    • Hi Ernie: Sorry to reach out to you later but I just got back from Newark. I would like to see a photo of that Platters album. Additionally, I would love to speak with your son, David. I have some very important information to talk with him about concerning the Platters, my royalties, etc., Please have him contact my assistant: Kyle @ shabakk55@aol.com Sincerely, Sonny T.

  2. Hi Sonny,
    I’ve seen you perform and would like to know if you’re performing in Las Vegas between 6/15- 6/19/2015? If you’re working the area at that time, I’d love to catch your show.
    You’re a fantastic entertainer!
    Jim Hill

    • Hello Jim: I’m glad that you enjoyed the show. I will not be performing in Las Vegas during the dates that you mentioned. I hope that you can catch my show again. I’m scheduled for Hot August Nights in August. Check out the dates. Next time I would like to meet you. Thanks Sonny T

  3. Dear Mr. Turner,

    First of all, I hope you’re doing well. Perhaps a bit of an unusual question. As a boxing historian, I’m interested in the boxing career of your father. So far I’ve been able to find out that he was born in 1914 or 1915 in Georgia and moved at a young age to Columbus OH,where he would start fighting under the pseudonym of ‘Chocolate Kid’. In 1936 he would settle down in Fairmont, WV. By that time he had already started fighting under his real name. Do you perhaps have an exact date of birth of him and now in which Georgian town/city he was born? At our website we currently have a picture listed of him that was taken from a 1930s Ohio newspaper. However, I’m inclined to believe it’s not him, since the same picture was used by another paper to identify a different fighter. The boxer in the picture also does not match the description given of him as being a somewhat stocky fighter.


    Do you perhaps know if the boxer in the picture is your father? If not, do you know if any (copies of) pictures of him exist somewhere so we can correct this? The boxing record listed at our website, is still very much under construction and there are still very many fights of him that have to be added.

    All the best, Wouter van Alst

    • Mr. Wouter van Alst: I’m glad that you asked that question. My daughter has a record of my father, Carl Turner, who was known as “Chocalate Kid”. Somehow the records became mixed up. That photo is not my father. The guys build is smaller. Any information or photos that you can provide I would appreciate. My father died on January 5, 1950 in Mason, West Virginia.

  4. Hello Mr. Turner,
    I attended your performance last night at Harlow’s in Greenville. I really enjoyed the show. You’re a GREAT all around entertainer.
    Love you.

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