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21 thoughts on “The Fan Club

  1. HI Sonny.. Been a Loooooong time, my friend. Ya got “Red” Williams here. (Platters drummer 1968, 69 and a bit of 70.)
    I hope you are well and still crooning that you do so well I’m still drumming and teaching drums. Do you ever ever get to Central Ca area? ( between Bakersfield and Sacto?) It would be great seeing you again. Meanwhile… God Bless. Red

  2. Hey Sonny, my name is Alexander. My grandfather was George Davis and my Aunt was Rose King from Akron Oh. I was talking to my Aunt a few months before she passed and came across some pictures of you with my grandfather. Would like to talk to you sometime if possible.

  3. Hi Sonny,
    Haven’t thought about you in awhile and just saw on television a show about the soul bands of the 70’s and of course the Platters were mentioned. I have always loved your voice. I know you will remember my mother, Reba Shepherd, she was head bartender at Scarlet O’haras in underground Atlanta back in the 70’s. You came to our home and houseboat on several occasions. We had good times. Hope to catch a show soon.
    Warmest regards,
    Rick Shepherd

    • Rick – Your Mother and I worked as waitresses at Scarlet O’haras, underground Atlanta during the 1970s. I was also a fan of Sonny, Leonard, Arnold, Tammy et al and of course, Marvin, Judy and Chuck., Linda, Paul and would love to get in touch with your Mom. Have her Facebook message me – Thank you Evelyn Seabold

  4. Greetings Sonny,
    My wife and I had the honor to see and hear you in concert in Laughlin, NV at a car show many years ago. We met you and the back-up singers and you all did a photo shoot with our show car, a white Olds convertible. It was a fantastic time. I am so glad to see you are still performing and looking great. We would love to see you again in concert. Do you have a current schedule where you will be?

  5. I saw the Platters the other night at the America Theater in Lancaster, I have a few pictures of you and the group and would like to signed. Where can I send them? Also pictures you want a copy of just write copy on the back.
    The show was great. Thanks.

    • Hello I’m glad that you have photos of me and my group. However I dont sign photos via mail. I sure hope that you get to see me sometime. Sonny T

  6. I saw you performed back in the 1970’s at a night club located on route 2 in
    Boston, Ma. We really enjoyed the evening. Wishing you all the best in your
    career and hope to see you again.

  7. HI Sonny! Kim Richards here.Just got back from the road and came home to your lovely thank you card! Your note said to email you with my phone number but I don’t have your email address?? My phone is 510-612-0906. Hope you’re having a fabulous year! Cheers!

  8. Hey Sonny long time no talk. Home from Florida. Back in Las Vegas.
    Like to see u again. Alan G. Call if u can 702-354-5399 any time day or night. Have u missed u and ur music.

  9. Sonny! OMG! I am so happy that I have found you and I really pray that you get this message because once upon a time, back in the early 1970’s at the Patio Lounge in Louisville, Kentucky, we became friends, after I’d attended almost every one of your nightly performances those many times that you came to town!

    I doubt that you’d remember me, I was only 19 at the time, but I have NEVER forgotten you and your group Sound Limited and how much I loved every one of your performances. I have reminisced about those times all throughout these many years. Also, I’ve always compared every other artist’s performances to yours, when I have seen them perform in a similar venue and not one of them has ever surpassed your talent or the quality of your showmanship. I especially appreciated how kind and respectful you were to me and all of my friends, who were, and are your loyal fans. I would love to have a chance to chat and share some of those memories with you. Surely you remember all those nights you performed in Louisville back in the day? You can find me on Facebook at Mary Ann Baker, Anaheim, CA.

  10. Wow! Sonny Turner!!!! And the memories come flooding back. The years you, Leonard, Arnold and Tammy performed in Florida and then at Scarlett O’haras in underground Atlanta. My oldest daughter Kim still remembers the night you had her on stage with you and sang ‘the candy man can……….’ Are you still performing in Florida? If not, where? I would love to say ‘Hi’ . Take Care. Evelyn

  11. Hi Sonny I have been listening to an interview with your old friend Edwin Starr. He mentioned that you taught him to sing in triplicate and mentioned an example of a song you did called Splitter Splatter. Can you please advise what singing in triplicate means and can you give me some examples.

    I would be most grateful if you could provide me with some information.

    My favourite Platters song was Washed Ashore

    I’m from Walney Island in England

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